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370z 500whp. Rep Power: 17. I start getting nervous over 400ft lbs, but I fall on the conservative side of things. 00 for the swapclip and labor. I see you are in Ontario. Drives: 2009 Nissan 370z. Looking forward to the photoshop in a couple weeks. 5” cross over pipe into a turbo vband inlet. Stock Block VHR limit. I know IPP has a built longblock that will handle it for $9k or so, but the motor is a small part of the overall cost to get to that power level. Rep Power: 29538. A lot of people have been running 550whp+ for a long time with no issue. These are things to consider for those wanting roughly 350-500whp. 5thgen Nissan Maxima with 370z Nismo V2 Wheels (Squared Set) 04/18/2024. rim to even have a chance of them hooking. Turbo kit is able to make anything from 500whp up to what we Jun 10, 2018 · Join Date: Apr 2017. If you are interested in making more power, the Stillen kit uses a Vortech supercharger which is capable of flowing more than even the stage 2 Rotrex unit that comes with GTM. com 99 views, 4 likes, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Reels from its_max_winning: So i finally got the #370z running with the help of @Revolution Performance after correcting some #fueling issues the Sep 10, 2010 · 500whp :newbie: Pensacola, Fl. I am sure it can last, but the harder you push it the weaker it will get. RB26 for over 500. After speaking with James we decided to go with our stage one longblock and stage 3 camshaft package which would be more than enough to 370z Forced Induction for Noobs For V1 & reference material for 350z motors & kits: Forced Induction for Noobs With the upgrades of the VQ35HR motor, Nissan decided to take the VQ motor one step further. This is the amount of fuel we need to supply to the engine to achieve 500 hp. #2 · Aug 26, 2011. I would even say you'll be fine with 10psi and 500whp, but IMHO I wouldn't push it THAT hard on a stock block. HIGH POWER 91/93 OCTANE REQUIREMENTS – 600whp+. New turbos require 555 injectors at 1005. Drives: 40th anniversary. You'll be fine with say 8psi and 430whp. Gonna build up the engine as much as I can prior to installing the kit and gonna aim for ~500whp which is relatively low for what the turbo can handle. 588 Followers. Just so you have a baseline. Pricing and Which One to Buy. Like. _____ 2002 Corvette Z06 - Totaled 2003 Corvette Z06 50th Anniversary Drives: 09 370Z Sport/MT6. Oct 10, 2008 · At 8 to 8. 370Z is BACK with some big upgrades that I’ve always wanted to do. Along with Fly1s splitters. Posts: 698. Drives: 2011 370ztt. theDreamer's Z // Fast Intentions // Uprev // GTM // HKS // TEIN This kit comes with our v-band exhaust manifolds, 2. This 500 HP setup was done by Forged Performance located in GA. I recommend running larger gauge wires to your fuel pump from your battery and a relay from your original power source. You will get mixed reviews about this. TikTok video from Mo (@l0wkeym0): “Cleannnnnn 500whp+ club #genesiscoupe #genesis #370z #370 #g35coupe #g35coupe #g35sedan #nissan #infiniti #infinity #infinitywar #lexus #lexusisbetter #is350fsport #lexus”. 370z GTM Stage 2 twin turbo Stock block. 5K posts 39. Drives: 2014 370Z MidBlu M6. Watch the latest video from Mo (@l0wkeym0). Rep Power The Rotrex kit is the most affordable 500+whp supercharger kit on the market, while being the most powerful kit also. For now, my shitty phone pics will have to do. SFR 370Z Twin Turbo System - Tuner for 2009-2020 Nissan 370Z VQ37HR 3. Mar 1, 2012 · Join Date: Jan 2011. 500whp is the safe limit for these motors I personally think. to Forged Performance. This topic has been popping up more frequently now, and the numbers also have been increasing. Aug 5, 2019 · Location: Atlanta, GA, USA. This kit will have numerous benefits over the ACE kit and make more power than any kit on the market. the worse it will get. 370z Brakes Cooling Drivetrain Electronics Engine Exhaust Exterior Fuel Intakes 500whp- 93 Fuel: 1200CC Nov 8, 2009 · Here are my cars guys, civic made 512whp @ 17psi on a custom air to water intercooler setup. A few symptoms:Car would not start, studdered and immediately died. May install a boost-controlled switch to enable the second pump only when in boost. I want to be at around 500whp and will take care of my car and be easy on it just spirited here and there. Quote: Originally Posted by sharif@forged. Location: Atlanta, GA. Drives: 09 370Z MB Sports M6. ~$1300 for headers for ~10-20 hp. So when i did the oil galley gaskets, it seems the timing was off on the primary chain (did not remove secondary chains) during assembly. I remember my baseline dyno with short tails on this car hitting 305whp and thinking I should hit it NP. Hopefully it will be a good source for anyone needing answers in the future. One of my things is i dont wanna go twinturbo because sc's are more reliable. Go to 👉 https://bit. EDIT : My questions were answered after I figured out that I Nov 18, 2008 · Posts: 9,930. Drives: TT SC300. Win win! All components listed below are available on the main page: 91/93 OCTANE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS – up to 500whp. a vortech, a procharger, or a single turbo will get you to 400whp for about $10k on the stock internals/block without any issues…. I don't know if the top RPM of the SC is limited strictly by the impeller or not, but all in all, this SC + the 928 Motorsports impeller has the potential to go well into the 500whp range with some internals. 5 = 250 lbs/hr of fuel. Remember these motors arent like the older 350Z's motors where they make a lot of torque. 0-liter twin-turbo V6 coupe that makes 400 hp Mo (@l0wkeym0) on TikTok | 3022 Likes. The Carbon Signal Moonbeam Widebody Kit is specific for the Nissan 370z adding a very sleek yet agressive The front overfenders come in a number 370Z Nismo Gets NEW MORIMOTO HEADLIGHTS!! Nissan 370Z 2010, Supercharger Tuned System by add a dose of torque, better-than-stock heat management and airflow, and near stock fuel Apr 17, 2018 · Join Date: Sep 2015. Posts: 12,265. Open to any feedback regarding coil-overs or anything really related to the car. VQ37vhr timing chain. 🇬🇳. Feb 2, 2021 · The 340lph fuel pump with 6AN fittings, according to AEM, is only good to around 500whp (depending on bsfc). Apr 9, 2009 · But you can get 500WHP from turbos without a lot of lag. Some have every bolt on in the book, tune, etc, and they're stuck between 320-330whp. All factory turbo motors like the RB and SR series run low compression at around 8:1 which is ideal for forced induction. In this video the car was on pump fuel putting down roughly 500WHP. INSANE pulls with Danny Z and his 500WHP Nissan 370Z!! (VOLUME UP ) If you haven’t already, you HAVE to go see @realdannyz and his new video on Oct 5, 2022 · Stillen Gen3 Long Tube Intakes, Tomei 266 PonCams, PPE Long Tube Headers, Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 Exhaust, BC Racing BR350z True Coil Overs, Z1 Adjustable Upper Control Arms, Z1 Adjustable Rear Camber Arms, Z1 Adjustable Rear Toe Arms, Z1 Offset Eccentric Bolt Elimination Kit, Hotchkis Front/Rear Sway Bars, XXR Model 526 Wheels (Hundred Dollar Deep Lip Design), Blitz Rear Wing, Stillen Front Not only does the 928 impeller produce more power at the same impeller speedbut it also has a higher ceiling as Mr. 0 he was just as shocked as I was with the runs#370Z#Admintuning#Mustang Feb 26, 2012 · Nissan 370Z Forum > Nissan 370Z Tech Area > Engine & Drivetrain > Forced Induction GTM Performance Engineering: Stage 1 Supercharger Upgrade Kit 500whp capable User Name Nov 26, 2005 · If you plan to run 600whp, just plan on Darton sleeves from the onset. 4psi, if turned up it's capable of 600whp on 93 pump gas on a stock stock short block! Jan 2, 2021 · This is a Nissan 370Z with Boosted Performance mid mount comp turbo kit. Anything below that will probably be safe, but you will have faster wear and tear on certain items. 4K members Since 2004 A forum community Feb 25, 2012 · Post 1565391 - World's Largest Nissan 370Z Enthusiast Forums. Mod list is below. Post 1586538 - World's Largest Nissan 370Z Enthusiast Forums. Mar 6, 2012 · GTM Performance Engineering: Stage 1 Supercharger Upgrade Kit 500whp capable. Rep Power: 7334. Putting the heat down on the heart breaker dyno dynamics dyno. HP: ~500 RWHP. Mar 5, 2010 · The 370z should be fine for around 450-500, but you will need to consider supporting mods such as oil cooler, brake upgrade (pads/fluids/etc. 00 and lets ot forget new exhaust at 1500. Quote: Rotrex: Most affordable supercharger kit on the market that can break 500whp. This kit makes over 20 PSI of boost and testing did not surpass 7000 RPM. Anyway, dyno numbers within 12 hours! Aug 22, 2019 · When a little bit of extra flow is needed to support E85 fuel for boosted and mildly built VQ's. Related Posts. When I got into the Z forums back in 2011, the general consensus for ultimate reliability was to keep it under 500whp and 400wtq. The price of the 2020 Nissan Z starts at $30,985 and goes up to $46,685 depending on the trim and options. Posts: 4,074. Tuning is hands down the biggest performance modification for the GR Toyota Supra. If so, you can run R888r's. Competition: More expensive. Ive got about 3" of clearance in the front and 2. Posts: 4,142. 500WHP/450-500tq Mkai0 likes this. May 26, 2021 · Find out what your check engine light means and how bad it is before going to the repair shop. My Shine Auto Amuse kit is finally done. gotta do the turbos while the engine is out 2000. Up to 550whp if you want to run on the ragged edge. GTR. *Stage 3 and 3+ are available in OEM upgraded fuel pump assemblies. My main concern is how reliable my block will be running the numbers I have planned short-term before building the motor There are basically 2 very reputable engine builders with the 370z who have any history of building blocks to hold over 800 hp for an extended period of time, both of which charge between 15k and 18k for the motor alone. Location: Edison, New Jersey. 8 R-spec. Aug 20, 2014 · Can Auto stock trans handle 500whp safely? OK cool. And if you only want 500whp, there's no reason for an RB26 unless you love to run that much power without knowing whether or not the motor is happy supporting that much power all the time. Aug 22, 2014 · Nissan 370Z Forum > Nissan 370Z General Area > Nissan 370Z General Discussions: Can Auto stock trans handle 500whp safely? User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register Feb 24, 2010 · We actually make a Twin Turbo Kit for the 370Z with which we have already made 500WHP. ~$500 for a tune for ~10 hp and 8tq. 5 psi you WILL make over 400whp on any dyno in the VQ35HR. Rep Power: 10. I. I would assume you park your car for the winter. Pretty much at least . __________________. Whats up guys, had a few qs about the SC. Over the years of seeing other people’s misfortune on their Z’s and seeing/helping with tear downs I would not do anything more than 450-500 whp and 450 wtq with a spot on tune from a Here is all the performance mods done to my 370z#370z#admintuning#sohomotorsports Oct 27, 2017 · Location: Tampa. Drives: 13' Magma Red Nismo. You can also bore out the sleeves up to 100mm (3. A lot of this comes from increasing the boost, which is only at 12 PSI on the stock tune. - Increased efficiency. Building the engine with a single turbo seems like a decent idea, but I Mar 13, 2010 · The Stillen kit should be able to hit 500whp, question is whether the engine will be able to handle it. much less with 500whp. You'll Find Nissan 370z (Z34) specs, Engine (VQ37VHR) info, Pictures, Videos, Reviews, Test drives -- All in ONE Place The370z. We built this car 2 years ago. - Decreased intake temps. Utilizing the Rotrex C38R we plan to achieve the following: - Increased HP/TQ. Jul 16, 2012 · 370Z to 996 Turbo. So the internals can handle it, but other items will break down faster. Dec 22, 2023 · 2 comments. Since the 2020 370Z is heavier than rear-drive rivals such Jul 7, 2005 · Building the motor is the only reasonable way to go if you want a reliable 500whp motor. Stage 2+ DeatschWerks 345lph (Model# 9-307-1000) Works with boosted VQ's up to approximately 550whp. Oct 28, 2010 · Drives: 370z. hq for plugging me with those hard to get parts on the fly ️ ️ ️ Let’s see how this thing does for 2024 😎 #vpftuning #texastiresandparts #370z #nissan #driftcar #racecar #osgiken #GSR #gforce #NRG #coolerworx #drifthq #sparco #griproyal #drifting #kenda #valino #wisefab #bcracing #ticonindustries . 5 in. Rep Power: 2684391. Drives: 2017 370z. Forged Performance: GTM Twin Turbo VQ37VHR G37. 2) There are guys running 500whp with just a valve body upgrade, but it really comes down to being a ticking time bomb with that. Tune: UpRev Tune, Cobb AP. 00 for 530s. Apr 30, 2024 · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright Apr 9, 2021 · Drives: 06 350Z , 09 370Z MT. It's time to step our game up with the clutch and so we went with Spec's SS Trim Twin Disk Kit. 00 for 500s 3000. I love my Z and it's almost exactly We tune all the Z power combinations. 8 exceeding the 500whp but they don't last long. Installing the Spec Twin DisK Clutch Kit- Street Trim. So, I've calculated the costs of each part and compared it with the amount of hp increase. 8 is cheapest, LS is most reliable and you can pass inspection if you live in an obd2 state. Thanx for all the help in the broke down thread, Super Charger Upgrade SCI to SI 34 Tooth Count Jackshaft Pulley To reach 500tq on the Rotex Sc do I need to upgrade to a fuel return system or is it once 500whp+ I need to upgrade to return system? Currently fuel mods 525lpfp 1050cc FID injectors Oct 22, 2012 · Depends, off the line you dont stand a chance since the GTR is AWD. Weight ~3500 lbs. Posts: 27. Drives: Spirited. Enjoy the info (provided by Sharif from Forged) Copied from G35driver. folks, I plan on getting my 370z boosted this summer. Squeeze described. You need to have 325/30/19's on a 11. HP: ~ 520-540 AWHP. 01-16-2009, 03:45 PM. Description. Pay attention to the area under the curve, not just peak numbers. Probably $7k+. For arguments sake though. Shout out to @film. Guess I'll be running two pumps from now on for pulls. -Labor for un-assembling and re-assembling the engine (does not cover labor if the engine needs to be pulled out of the car) This shortblock can support up to 500whp with an ATI SuperDamper. If you are going to stay NA this summer, my suggestion to make the car that much more enjoyable is to get a lightened pulley and flywheel. The rule of thumb here seems to be that you're fine on the stock motor at or below 500whp. I already have the cooler and custom tune by r/t tuning and they definitely know their stuff. 25" on the sides. Quote: Originally Posted by Chuck33079. Location: CT. Covering tuning, intakes, downpipes Post 2934179 - World's Largest Nissan 370Z Enthusiast Forums. The car's going to be used as street driven drift car. Dec 23, 2014 · 1) Twin Turbo will be the only option to reach your power goals, the Stillen SC will fall around 450whp. Rep Power: 234. Oct 29, 2021 · Simple bolt-on mods like a tune, intake, downpipes, and intercooler can push the Stinger in the range of 475whp for just a few thousand dollars. Rep Power: 6833. Compare different trim levels here. K. Rep Power: 73. Most people here stop at the 500-600whp level just because you have to drop $15k Nov 10, 2014 · Posts: 2,090. I personally upgraded from the original 750cc's to 1050cc's for the extra headroom, but as others said not required for 500whp. Introducing the VQ37VHR a similar engine setup but with newer technology such as VVEL, beefier internals, and better engine components. Performance wise, the car is currently in the works of getting boosted with Boosted Performance's Single Turbo kit. Aug 2, 2011 · Rep Power: 431. Rob 49 x 2Rare x Skilla baby - 2RARE🇬🇭🇳🇬. For peace of mind, stick around the 500 mark. 02-03-2014, 12:06 PM #4 Drives: 11 370Z Pearl White. Pros: 1) Twin Scroll Turbo. Temps will lesson your traction, the farther below 80 deg F. See performance and drivetrain specs, available packages and more. Rep Power: 2684369. We're going to find that out sooner than later when Stillen releases their race and tuner kits. There have been much testing done already on stock block HR's pushing mild boost, and making awesome numbers. Easy 600+whp, but you'll be limited by transmission ($3500+) and axles. TT 370Z. com Oct 13, 2020 · Location: Media, PA. Save Share. The new clutch kit looks very well built. Some people get away with 550whp for a long time, but that's being fairly aggressive with a stock motor. My aim for this thread is to provide my experiences with products and companies throughout my little adventure. Starting from $40k, you get a rear-wheel drive 3. Base Member Jul 30, 2020 · The 340 LPH pump is fine. First off: congratulations to GTM for continually giving us great new options. Well, my Z is finally done. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we'll discuss more about it. Aug 26, 2011 · 1630 posts · Joined 2008. In Korea there is a few 3. Both built. Maybe I'll go with the MCR exhaust instead. Maximize your vehicle's performance with Nissan 370Z Performance Parts! TAKE THE NEXT STEP. 5psi. In Sep 4, 2009 · Rep Power: 20. Mar 28, 2009 · I'm looking for 450-500whp. com Nissan 370Z Forum - View Single Post - Can Auto stock trans handle 500whp safely? 628 likes, 12 comments - bps_mx on March 22, 2024: "Que no te engañe este 370z ! Cuenta con supercargador Stillen 8psi + Sistema de gasolina y genera +500whp con gasolina roja de 92 octano" Que no te engañe este 370z ! Drives: 09 370z. Location: Houston. Posts: 2,039. 671 posts Nissan 350Z / 370Z Tech Forums. Adding a few more mods really awakens the car, and as mentioned 500whp is capable with just flex-fuel, a Amuse Kit finally on. Really it is unknown, there have been a few G37 cars pushing above 500whp and around 10-12PSI. #350z #350znation #370z #nismo #nissanz Aug 7, 2012 · Ok so thought I would start a new thread, Because not broke down any more but turned into a bulid thread, So here goes, I am trying to see if I can see close to 500WHP with the Stillen SC . However, people have had hit or miss experiences with Stillen kits while everyone with a GTM kit is extremely happy. Basic Bolt-On Mods. Oct 6, 2022 · October 6, 2022 at 12:34. Remember its the torque that destroys the motors not the power. Cosworth makes a 100mm headgasket set for the VQ for about $200 or so. 622whp at 16. 350z / 370z Discussion 350z / 370z Technical 350z / 370z Classifieds Oct 6, 2020 · Drives: 2013 Nismo 370z. Explore the specs of the 2020 Nissan 370Z . 619. I'm thinking of a long-term build for my Bk2 3. ~$500 - $800 for an intake for ~5hp-10 hp. My 370 tt on 11 psi tuned and installed at Z! motorsports. Automatic car will run 450-500WHP on the stock engine. Greddy TT Kit. 00, boost controller at 400. Jul 19, 2010 · Compression, compression, compression. ). If we divide that volume by eight injectors (for a V8 engine), this comes to 31. Cracked 340WHP. 25 lbs/hr necessary to feed the engine. Feb 26, 2014 · Join Date: Nov 2011. On E85 it was dy May 22, 2011 · Drives: 09 370Z NismoTT. We are in the process of releasing an all new supercharger kit for the VQ37VHR platform utilizing the Rotrex C38R-112. It's running a GTM Twin Turbo Kit and makes just over 500whp on pump. Rep Power: 4210. I do have some questions though. If your goals are 500+whp the list grows and grows. May 23, 2011 · Like Nismo 370z said, the way torque builds up on these motors helps with it's longevity. Rep Power: 11. # 9 ( permalink ) 370z. Jan 13, 2024 · Again, this list of 350z supporting mods for turbo upgrades could be a lot longer. $4,700 is a a bit too high, the last exhaust was about $3,600 for the 350z. com Aug 9, 2022 · 5) Tuning. Luckily, no VQ37VHR block has failed yet from boost (that I've known of) so one can't really tell yet the actual limit. This system fits automatics and manual transmissions. GTM supercharger. The 370z Top Gun Rotrex Supercharger tuner kit utilises the Rotrex C38R-112 supercharger and is by far the highest horsepower supercharger kit available for the 370z and G37 platform. A Fast Intentions TT kit is another 12k, and that's without paying for the install. here are some of the recent pics ive taken of her. Location: lafitte, la. This has a big impact on when your turbo spools. People seem to be running ~500whp with no issue. if you want 500whp you'll need a built block and a TT setup…$15 to $20k … you'll need a built block - look into import parts pro dot com for a stage 2, 3 or 4 Oct 21, 2020 · 700whp is debatably within the realm of stock engine reliability, depending on how much you actually use it at that power and what you used it for. Above that, plan for a motor build. I've been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube in which some 370z's are touching between 600-700whp on the stock block. RB25 for 500whp. 7L. 800hp Z madness complete (pretty much) Intro. Jan 16, 2009 · around $4700 I Think it is bit high. karlh. Yes, crank up the boost on the dyno to even say 700whp your block might not go airborne, but take a 500whp tune and Mar 22, 2017 · James brought us his JWT TT 2004 Nissan 350Z back in December wanting to have the engine rebuilt to handle more power and his initial goal was approximately 500 rear wheel horsepower. Rep Power: 15. Finance options from £524. Drives: 14 Nissan 370z MR M6. If you plan to make over 500whp a strap kit Oct 23, 2022 · Cilcil88’s 1989 Turbo VG30DE 3rdgen Nissan Maxima (500WHP) 10/27/2022. Speaking as someone with a BP Kit -. Here is a 350Z, supercharged auto! It came in for a valvebody upgrade and a tune and left making 500whp and 390wtq. Weight ~3800 lbs. But again, there are short term & long term stresses which can cause failures to the block. Fully built bottom end (shortblock) for Neon SRT4 includes : -Block is sandblasted and painted. ly/3ua2amc to get FIXD 67% off (only $19 Jun 29, 2021 · e50 tune/flex fuel + downpipe is about $2500 USD good for 500whp/600tq Next step up would be Pure800/Flex fuel/Port injection. For those looking to eclipse the 500whp mark, you’ll need to add upgraded turbos and additional fueling via chargepipe injection or HPFP/LPFP upgrades. For all my F. Good for up to approximately 500whp. We Good runs with a 500whp 10spd 5. Here are pics of my cars, finally got the civic back about 2-3 weeks ago and finally got a chance to go take pics of both of my cars with my new setup Jul 26, 2010 · Headers: HR Longtubes. 8L), although you do loose a little bit of head gasket sealing area. I also recommend running a fuel return system from CJM. So this has been an elusive number for a lot of Z owners. new chip at 700. Most turbo kits are going to come with some of these basic bolt-on mods for turbo engines. The VQ like in our 370'z is a non turbo motor, so it makes power by running really high compression at 11:1 and clever variable valve lift and duration. Join Date: May 2017. Six Speed car will run 550-600WHP on 10psi of boost. Rep Power: 8. Posts: 179. (Note that sleeving is not common thought) 3. 93/month with OmniCredit. ~$1700 - $2500 for catback for ~10-20 hp. Posts: 25. I tested all my normal driving routes and the bottom of the splitters rubbed in only a Post 1565503 - World's Largest Nissan 370Z Enthusiast Forums. Build it, do it right. To be reliable without built internals. The 2023 Nissan Z offers plenty of bang per buck straight out of the box. With our kit, and good tuning, you can hit 500WHP all day, every day. Watch the video im the 4th car! Feb 7, 2014 · Drives: 2011 370ztt. So it would be close at a roll, but the GTR would get you on every shift. Price drop! 500+whp 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo in Black with 41K miles for sale! This menacing 370Z is equipped with a Fast Intentions Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit, only 4K miles on the kit! The car currently makes 509whp @ 9. A True Z Fanatic. Rep Power: 25463. 05-23-2011, 04:05 PM #23 Flyboy. This kit will only work with comp air cooled turbos, you will not need to rout any turbo oil lines or water lines making it that much easier to service the car and or clutch when needed. 00 and dual intake at 579. The simple formula is horsepower times BSFC – or 500 horsepower x 0. With just a tune, the Supra sees gains of 50whp/100wtq. 00. So I've been toying with the idea of selling the Z at some point this year and moving on to something else. This is not exact cost but I got the price from bulletproof automotive exhaust for G37 Coupe. Dec 12, 2007 · ok, so roughly 6500. Quote: Originally Posted by BlkNismo. iy wi aw dt as ai rk mr nu cl