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Optical tracking system. Bring your game view to life! comes with TRACK CLIP PRO. The OETS is a combination of video, thermal and laser sensors on a small ruggedized OptiTrack for Movement Sciences. Usually, the OTS is fixed during the surgery after manually adjusting its pose. To improve the suppression ability of time-varying narrowband disturbances, we propose a disturbance May 21, 2024 · The NFL is moving forward this preseason with an optical tracking system for line-to-gain rulings, sources tell CBS Sports. Results from testing three Black Spot modules indicates that the locations of the LED markers can be determined very precisely using a centroid calculation, revealing the need for a better minimisation algorithm. The Spectra position sensor, to date often found in image guided radiotherapy N ASHVILLE -- The NFL will implement optical tracking systems for yardage rulings this preseason with the potential for full-time implementation, a source confirmed to ESPN. A 3D form requires two or more to perfectly triangulate a The Optical Electronic Tracking System (OETS) is a long-range surveillance and tracking system which can detect and track targets otherwise hidden in low contrast clouds or darkness. The fractional system model of ETS can describe the characteristics of the system better and improve the accuracy of the system model. The resulting close proximity of the cameras to the object allows precise tracking of its movement. Jan 1, 2022 · In this paper, two non-singleton interval type-2 fuzzy PID (NIT2F-PID) controllers for the high precision electro-optical tracking system (ETS) are presented to improve anti-interference ability. +1 478 273 1520. USA TODAY. However, always it becomes challenging to realize the full potential of Optical Tracking System by overcoming the shortfall in the operator’s real-time decision apart from rough environment and unclear background. Send Us A Message. ETSs are extensively utilized across diverse fields such as laser communication, astronomical observations [ 1 ], target tracking [ 2 ], space optical communication, quantum Jan 7, 2022 · The electro-optical tracking system (ETS) on moving platforms is affected by the vibration of the moving carrier, the wind resistance torque in motion, the uncertainty of mechanisms and the nonlinear friction between frames and other disturbances, which may lead to the instability of the electro-optical tracking platform. Units have been delivered and integrated into an air defense system. Celebrating 99 years of business in… 1925 to 2024. Although the traditional disturbance observation compensator (DOBC) method can improve anti-disturbance performance, its fixed structure limits its ability to handle variable disturbances. is well known for accurate optical tracking measurements in research and medical environments. Applications include Sep 3, 2020 · The dataset provided by this optical tracking system, apart from the planar coordinates, included also the information of which team was in possession of the ball and if the ball was “dead” or “alive” (meaning that the match was running or stopped). The system uses a laser spot as a visual recognition target to realize cluster flight operations in a complex environment. Jun 1, 2015 · The presented optical tracking system allows intuitive controlling and programming of industrial robots by demonstration. Navigate New Possibilities with NDI - a global-leading innovator of advanced electromagnetic tracking Optical Tracking Systems Artificial intelligence and machine learning boost precision long-range video tracking. The system is engineered with low cost components. We produce the most precise and easy to use indoor and outdoor positioning systems for input into all the major control systems. This paper proposes an optical tracking system to realize the clustering of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). e Optical tracking systems combined with imaging modalities such as computed tomography and magnetic reso-nance imaging are important parts of image guided surgery systems. PMCS has been used to track objects ranging from mortars and hypervelocity projectiles to LEO and MEO satellites. EO-CTR. Such a tracking system is used to implement 3D BAE Systems offers the following Electro-Optical TSPI tracking products: Opto-Electric Tracking Systems. , accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope) to measure acceleration of the body or body segment. Laser Tracking Systems. The measuring range of this optical tracking system is 2 to 5 m as drawn in Figure 2. Precision Mount Control System™ (PMCS) is a universal gimbal control system for altitude/azimuth (elevation/azimuth) optical tracking mounts. LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod A multi-sensor targeting and surveillance system that enables aircrews to detect, acquire, auto-track and identify targets at long ranges. Expand. 14 mm and 0. In the hardware aspect, a NIR TSV platform is built, and a new active tool is designed. The system uses a laser spot as a visual recognition target to Sep 6, 2023 · Optical tracking system (OTS) is an important part of surgical navigation and has been commonly employed in clinical practice due to high accuracy and precision. Jul 22, 2022 · An optical tracking system, Micron Tracker, was used to capture the marker points on each instrument and to obtain the coordinates of the marker points and the corresponding instrument tip coordinates. The optical properties of soft tissue especially affect the accuracy. In its most basic form, it tracks an object’s location as it travels across the screen. The positioning accuracies in the measuring ranges of 2 to 3 m, 3 to 4 m and 4 to 5 m are 0. Optical tracking has proved to be a valuable alternative to tracking systems based on other technologies, such as magnetic, acoustic, gyroscopic and mechanical. The National Football League plans to experiment with optical May 22, 2024 · First tested in select venues last season, the technology, which was developed by Hawk-Eye, uses optical tracking by high-resolution cameras to determine the position of the ball. head-Up-Display (HUD) and airborne cameras. TLDR. 21 mm, respectively. Therefore, this paper presents a fractional system identification May 23, 2024 · NFL to test optical tracking technology for yardage rulings this preseason, per reports. By determining the location and orientation of sur-gical tools relative to a patient's reference system, tracking systems assist surgeons during the planning and execution of image guided procedures. Two near infrared cameras (NICs) are constructed in this NIOTS and a near infrared calibration board is designed to calibrate The “TRACK” systems are at their core Optical Tracking & Camera Calibration technologies used for Performance Tracking, Ball Tracking, Object Tracking purposes. As a means for collecting discrete 3D data points, each maker must be Optical and electromagnetic tracking systems represent the two main technologies integrated into commercially-available surgical navigators for computer-assisted image-guided surgery so far. It is a high-precision tracking and. +44 208 858 3205. Feature-rich and versatile, the Precision Mount Control System provides state-of-the-art May 1, 2004 · Marker identification is a challenge for any optical tracking system that must track more than one marker at a time. Nov 22, 2016 · In an optical tracking system, the “eyes” consist of two or more cameras that record the room and are partnered with beam emitters that bounce a signal—infrared, laser or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)—off objects in the area. The NFL’s “Chain Gang” could be on the way out in 2024. The SHOTS design is optimized to meet the requirements of the Navy's Theater Ballistic Missile Defense (TBMD) testing program being Oct 29, 2022 · An optical tracking system is among the most precise tracking technologies with 6 DOF that achieves a sub-millimeter accuracy level. With laser focus, we have designed and developed software and other intellectual property to serve precision optical pointing and tracking systems and The Fly-Out system can track from sidereal speeds up to 120°/second with acceleration up to 120°/second² even with a nominal payload in excess of 1,000 pounds. The league considers OptiTrack for Robotics. This paper describes an 0. , parallel to the edge) cannot be measured. External disturbance suppression is critical in high-precision optical target tracking systems. This made the tracking faster, more responsive and more accurate. This enables any kind of camera movement within the tracking area, also suitable for hand-held cameras. Lovell-Smith. The component of the flow perpendicular to the gradient (i. We offer leading technology for accurate tracking of satellites, debris, and objects in all orbital regimes. PERFORMANCE TRACKING From SkeleTRACK (Hawk-Eye's proprietary skeletal tracking), to biomechanics and combination player, ball and object tracking, Hawk-Eye's performance tracking a method for registering an optical tracking system with a particle detector system in a common voxel coordinate grid to improve quality assurance, accuracy, speed, and operating cost efficiencies of a medical imaging process comprises the steps of: (1) defining, with a camera system as the optical tracking system, a rigid body from a first set of markers on an object support and a second set Jan 29, 2016 · The Simulator calculates the tracking information that would be sent by the tracking sensors like electro-optical tracking system (EOTS), Radar and Telemetry. C. However, current OTS is bulky May 22, 2024 · Aug 9 Falcons vs Dolphins. It brings optical measurement to a whole new level by offering a tracking distance of up to 6 meters, a volumetric range of 49 m 3, and volumetric Aug 1, 2001 · An effective tracking method is proposed to solve the problem that the electro-optical tracking system in Missile Range easily loses the real target during the target separation. However, current OTS will be influenced by occlusion, which results in interruption of the surgical process. Using an active marker Vision Engineering Solutions software supports specialized needs in many industries, including defense, aerospace, communications, optics, navigation, target tracking, and other select verticals. In this paper, two non-singleton interval type-2 fuzzy PID (NIT2F-PID) controllers for the high precision electro-optical tracking system (ETS) are presented to improve anti-interference ability. With RedSpy, we looked ahead and developed special algorithms for FPGA to quickly compress the 4K image before it's sent over cable. With this wide performance envelope, it is a very versatile, multi-use optical tracking gimbal. Published 2009. The system, which was used at MetLife Stadium and Hard Rock Stadium last year, would need to be installed across all 30 NFL stadiums as well as any international stadium where NFL games are . Such ghost markers can lead to erroneous tracking of medical Tracker Track humans and objects precisely, accurately and rigorously; Hardware. Real-time high-speed 120 Hz and low latency 4 ms. Compared with the traditional OTS on the basis of binocular stereo vision (BSV), hardware and software are improved. The method is based on blobs extraction, two-dimensional prediction, the epipolar constraint and three-dimensional reconstruction. The system had been tried out in a few NFL stadiums this past season Aug 7, 2015 · An ex-vivo porcine liver model is employed to further verify the strategy for liver intervention. Tumor resection. The efficiency of such a system depends on the precise tracking of surgical tools. This level of performance should be maintained over the entire operational range and for velocities from standstill to Jun 13, 2012 · This work has demonstrated that prospective motion correction using motion data from the embedded tracking system considerably improved image quality, even though the volunteers were asked to remain motionless during the acquisitions. Apr 26, 2021 · An optical tracking system often fails to precisely reconstruct the dynamic location and pose of a surgical tool due to the acquisition noise and measurement variance. When integrated into the workflow of surgical navigation systems, the Polaris optical Abstract. We are also experts in Horse Race Tracking and providing telestration solutions for coaches and analysts via Coach Paint. Our Optical Tracking systems fuel FIFA, Bundesliga, La Liga and many others with undisputed real-time data. There are various advantages to optical tracking, such as: Optical tracking is less susceptible to noise from the environment; Optical tracking does May 12, 2021 · Spatial and temporal localisation accuracy of optical tracking systems are regularly tested as part of our QA program for respiratory gating equipment []. Range Instrumentation Optics. Intraoperative navigation is a critical part of robot-assisted orthopedic surgery. We are now located at 9131 Independence Ave. Oct 29, 2022 · An optical tracking system is among the most precise tracking technologies with 6 DOF that achieves a sub-millimeter accuracy level. By calculating the position and posture between the tracking target and the scanning camera, the point cloud information obtained by the monocular 3D scanning system is instantly converted to the tracking camera coordinate system to complete the dynamic scanning. So we design an NIOTS and propose the corresponding algorithms to make it work well. The data are processed to create a coordinate system based on the laparoscopic simulator and to calculate the movement parameters of the May 21, 2024 · All game footballs are microchipped and have been for years. g. The high dynamic performance of the Fly-Out system records very large, high-quality Dec 20, 2023 · Key Components of Optical Tracking Systems: Cameras and Sensors: The eyes of the system, cameras or sensors capture images of the markers at specific angles and frame rates. e. This high resolution device is well suited for surgical navigation or robotics applications. Multiple spatially synchronized cameras track the markers attached to the target in the designed space. In this paper we present a low‐cost 3D tracking system which we have developed and tested in order to move away from traditional 2D interaction techniques (keyboard and mouse) in an attempt to improve user’s experience while using a CVE. If all goes well, the league will implement the technology for the Aug 30, 2022 · Optical tracking is essentially giving a camera the capability to automatically track and identify objects, and convert that into data. for various factors. Sets new speed and accuracy standards for tracking systems. The additional integration of pre-calibrated zoom lens data allows zoom and focus settings regardless of the camera To compensate for the effects of head motion during data acquisition, an in-bore optical motion tracking system is proposed. The league will test optical tracking for line-to-gain rulings this preseason, according to CBSSports. ObjectProspective motion correction using data from optical tracking systems has been previously shown to reduce motion artifacts in MR imaging of the head. Sliding mode control (SMC) has strong robustness to system disturbances Mar 5, 2009 · An optical tracking system for virtual reality. realizing the acquisition, tracking, and pointing functions. Optical Tracking Systems (OTSs) work within the optical spectrum to track the position and orientation, i. 0:03. Catheter placement. It largely determines the accuracy of tracking surgical tools. 6DoF optical tracking with multiple cameras and capture software in a single plug-and-play package In Depth Multiple cameras, ultra portable, plug-n-play, bundled software, and more—a self-contained tracking system. Certified by FIFA and gaining the highest levels of performance under its EPTS programme, TRACAB data is used by leagues, teams, and rights holders from the tens of thousands of games it captures The Aurora® and 3D Guidance® electromagnetic tracking solutions can provide accurate tracking and navigation of incredibly small OEM medical instruments through complex and hard-to-reach anatomy, without requiring a line of sight. In this article, we present results and a complete description of our most recent electro-optical system, the HiBall Tracking System. Email Us. Director, Business Development, Intelligence & Security. 4 m. Our research focuses on the development of a non-invasive markerless optical tracking system for cranial radiation therapy. Therefore, knowledge of Mar 16, 2023 · The electro-optical tracking system (ETS) is one of the critical pieces of equipment for. The optimal setup of the navigation system and calibration of the tool are the predominant factors that affect the tracking accuracy. info@mo-sys. For example, optical tracking determines 2-dimensional coordinates that can be extrapolated into distance and speed measures, whereas IMU combine data from multiple sources (e. However, the field of view (FOV) of OTS is finite and there may be Systems include the LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod, F-35 Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System and, Infrared Countermeasure Systems. Embedding a Kalman filter (KF) or any of its extensions such as extended and unscented Kalman filters (EKF and UKF) with the optical tracker resolves this issue by reducing the Jan 6, 2024 · 2. The OETS system provides the capability to locate and track targets, day or night, that would normally be hidden in low contrast backgrounds or lost in darkness. Photo-Sonics focuses on two principle business activities: Optical Tracking System and gimbal mounts and. Apr 1, 2021 · This paper concerns the improvement on proportional-integration-derivative (PID) control for the electro-optical tracking system for high-mobility targets. The data furnished by EOTS is more precise and Jan 1, 2024 · In the electro-optical tracking system (ETS), the stability of line-of-sight (LOS) is usually limited by low and medium-frequency disturbances and measurement noises. NDI’s wireless Polaris® has established itself for robust and reliable tracking performance in almost any environment. 1 mm for the root mean sq uare (RMS) in real time. To achieve higher tracking precision and stronger disturbance rejection while fully utilizing the existing PID loop, the add-on integration module is proposed and seamlessly integrated into Optical tracking systems are extensively used in minimally invasive image-guided surgeries. Two near infrared cameras (NICs) are constructed in this NIOTS and a near infrared calibration board is designed to calibrate TrackScan-Sharp, consisting of a portable 3D scanner i-Scanner and an optical i-Tracker, is a brand-new generation of Scantech’s optical 3D measurement system for measuring large-scale parts. The traditional problem of optical tracking systems is limited camera cable bandwidth. May 22, 2024 · The NFL will test an optical tracking system for line-to-gain rulings this preseason, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reports. Tracking Systems. We Jun 21, 2021 · Abstract. In particular, we discuss motivation for the geometric configuration and describe the novel optical, mechanical, electronic, and algorithmic aspects that enable unprecedented speed, resolution, accuracy EOS delivers precision electro-optic solutions for high performance day/night space object tracking, specialising in laser ranging. Performance depends on factors like acquisition range, tracking accuracy, and target characteristics such as size and dynamics. To address this question, we propose a tracking by 2D-target registration approach and utilize a multi-marker 2D-target and a stereo Aug 6, 2021 · For test and evaluation (T&E), an Electro-Optical Tracking System (EOTS) has a distinct edge over RF-based tracking systems. Use the contact form to let us know you’re interested in our products and someone from our helpful team will get back to you. 1:08. Now your game knows exactly where you are sitting,leaing, and looking, in true 3d space! Take your PC gaming to astonishing new levels of realism and immersion. Unfortunately, the presence of ghost markers remains an issue which is caused by indistinct correspondence when several markers are coplanar with two optical centers. Call Us. Mar 16, 2024 · The electro-optical tracking system (ETS) plays a pivotal role in enabling the essential functions of acquisition, tracking, and precise pointing in various applications. Primex 13W for $ 2,499. With approaching 20 years of experience in computer vision-based player tracking has delivered TRACAB’s Emmy Award-winning optical tracking system. OptiTrack real time tracking systems are the world’s choice for low latency, precision 6DoF tracking for ground and aerial robotics (UAV’s). , 2011, Kaushal and Kaddoum, 2017). This information allowed us to filter the data for the results. High-precision 90 μm RMS up to 1. Mar 1, 2020 · Especially optical satellite communication and space observation systems strive for a tracking precision that is in the sub-arcsecond range to enable seeing limited performance (Hemmati et al. To reduce the interference of sunlight in the optical visual navigation and obtain the optimal combination of laser receiving devices, we selected lasers Jan 7, 2015 · Although many commercial systems for surface recognition are available, a target localization accuracy in sub-millimeter range has not been achieved yet. OptiTrack systems offer the world’s leading blend of measurement accuracy and simple, easy-to-use workflows which provide researchers and biomechanists with ideal 3D tracking data for their studies. Learn More. Contact. We have developed and implemented customized filtering and calibration algorithms on a Near infrared optical tracking system (NIOTS) is widely used in biomedical application, especially in surgical navigation. A 2D form requires one camera. 75 meter aperture, Stabilized High-accuracy Optical Tracking System (SHOTS), two of which are being developed by Textron Systems Corporation, under contract to the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego (SPAWAR-SD). , pose of target surgical instruments. The system comprises two MR-compatible infrared cameras that are fixed on a holder right above and in front of the head coil. The StealthStation surgical navigation system offers both optical and EM tracking capabilities, integration with external devices like microscopes and ultrasound, a broad array of instrument offerings, and core software applications for neurosurgery and spine procedures including: Biopsy. Conventionally, the active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) strategy is an effective method to improve the stability of LOS; however, it is limited by the fixed observer Sep 1, 2015 · The optical tracking system can track up to 50 passi ve retroreflective spheres with an accuracy of 0. Put your head in the game! TrackIR is a cutting edge experience that makes you part of the game. Experimental results using a stereo rig setup (equipped Apr 14, 2016 · An electro-optical tracking system typically contains a sensor to detect a target's energy, a positioning system to follow the target's trajectory, and a method to command the positioning system. Native, plug-and-play support for all major digital force plates, EMGs, and analog devices gives researchers the Mar 16, 2023 · When an electro-optical tracking system (ETS) needs higher control precision, system identification can be considered to improve the accuracy of the system, so as to improve its control effect. Optical tracking system (OTS) is essential for surgical navigation and has been commonly employed in clinical practice due to high accuracy and precision. A Prototype Optical Tracking System: Investigation and Development. Steve Gardner. Mo-Sys StarTracker is a real-time optical camera tracking system. KMel Robotics. Optical tracking and its advantages. The fusionTrack 250 is an optical tracking system ideally balanced in terms of size, speed and precision. Brandon Head. In this context, optical tracking system needs to be ’intelligent’ i. Our range includes observatory and mission control facilities with automated operations, high accuracy This paper proposes an optical tracking system to realize the clustering of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). But this technology doesn't employ the chip and instead relies entirely on optical tracking. Engineering, Physics. For VR, this means smooth, artifact free tracking for the most compelling immersive experiences available. This equation I T u ' v ' 0 is always satisfied when (u’, v’ ) is perpendicular to the image gradient. The most essential part of intraoperative navigation is the optical tracking system (OTS), which is responsible for intraoperative real-time positioning and tracking. Our rugged, precise hardware and industry-leading command and control software work The Opto-Electronic Tracking System (OETS) is a highly accurate tracking platform capable of meeting today’s demanding requirements for optical tracking system performance. Primarily, with passive optical sensors, the system provides real-time data/video of a target uninterruptedly, for a range depending on lens/optics assembly, as long as line-of-sight (LOS) is clear. optical tracking system Giovanni Fattori1, Antony John Lomax1,2*, Damien Charles Weber1,3,4 and Sairos Safai1 Abstract The Polaris product line from Northern Digital Inc. High-resolution Motive:Tracker software, combined with our Prime Series cameras and Micron Series calibration tools, produce the most reliable 3D data on the market—capable of sub-20 µm accuracy in optimal conditions. The aim of this study was to develop a representative test to assess the accuracy of OTSs including patient movement and demonstrate Near infrared optical tracking system (NIOTS) is widely used in biomedical application, especially in surgical navigation. Jul 20, 2019 · Optical Tracking System are very vital for target acquisition, surveillance and also in battle field. Jan 25, 2022 · The metrics provided by tracking technologies may vary between systems. Specifically, two types of non-singleton fuzzifiers, including type-1 (T1) and type-2 (T2), are considered to construct the proposed NIT2F May 12, 2021 · Spatial and temporal localisation accuracy of optical tracking systems are regularly tested as part of our QA program for respiratory gating equipment []. HEMERIA offers its customers a complete package, including a configurable and ultra-precise electro-optical tracking system, a control system Jun 11, 2014 · Product Description. The familiar chain gang will continue to work Pixotope optical camera tracking systems accurately calculate the 3D position and orientation of the camera body itself. 6DoF optical tracking with multiple cameras and capture software in a single plug-and-play package In Depth Multiple cameras, ultra portable, plug-n-play, Filter Switcher, bundled software, and more—a self-contained tracking system. Cameras Optical mocap, video and active VR kit to suit your needs; Inertial sensors IMU sensors for the highest fidelity data capture; Devices All the hardware to complete your mocap and VR systems; Accessories Everything else you need; from markers, to suits and HEMERIA’s fixed or mobile electro-optical tracking systems are intended for use in harsh environments and are designed and marketed for agile utilization, in order to meet all your strategic challenges. Fabricate a custom printed device for the mandibular tracker of the optical jaw tracking system (4D Motion Capture System; Modjaw) by following the previously described technique. Abstract: A high precision optical tracking system (OTS) based on near infrared (NIR) trinocular stereo vision (TSV) is presented in this paper. Our self-develope d Ambiguities in tracking a point on a line. The performance, robustness and accuracy of the system are achieved under real-time constraints. , Chatsworth, CA 91311. gradient. Specifically, two types of non-singleton fuzzifiers, including type-1 (T1) and type-2 (T2), are considered to construct the proposed NIT2F-PID (N1IT2F The stereo-match to find the corresponding points in the left and right images from an optical tracking system is a crucial step in 3-D point reconstruction. And sends it to the Data Processing The NFL will test an optical tracking system that will track line-to-gain rulings during the preseason, according to a report Tuesday from CBS Sports. 08 mm, 0. 28 Place the head tracker or tiara on the patient’s head 28, 29 and attach the additively manufactured custom device in the buccal surface of the mandibular anterior teeth with an interim autopolymerizing Background: Optical tracking systems (OTSs) are essential components of many modern computer assisted orthopaedic surgery (CAOS) systems but patient movement is often neglected in the evaluation of the accuracy. Jan 5, 2021 · In this part, the optical tracking of 3D dynamic scanning is mainly realized. With both data sources feeding into a computer, the room and its contents can be virtually recreated. Experimental results demonstrate that real-time automatic registration method is rapid, accurate, and feasible for capturing the respiratory phase from which the static preoperative CT anatomical model is generated by tracking the movement of the Mar 8, 2013 · The technical accuracy of a commercial navigator enabling the use of both optical (OTS) and electromagnetic (EMTS) tracking systems was assessed in the hospital setting using accuracy assessment tools and methods developed by the authors of this paper. com The Polaris optical trackers deliver reliable measurement data with sub-millimetre accuracy and precision over a large measurement volume. It exists in two basic forms. com. NurjanaTech’s advancements in precision long-range object identification, tracking, and video recording are enhanced by our considerable investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning. A new stereo vision tracker setup for virtual and augmented reality applications is presented in this paper. The technical accuracy was obtained by comparing the positions of the navigated tool tip with Nov 6, 2020 · The optical tracking system has been calibrated by measuring an object mounted on a CMM. Since the clinical integration in our proton therapy department, the device has been verified on a monthly basis, tracking the sinusoidal motion of a programmable breathing phantom (QUASAR™ 100-1010, Modus Medical Devices, London, CA). ch gp ta ax ap ep dy wx ty wr