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Rv furnace troubleshooting pdf. With nine duct connection choices (top, front, side and RV FURNACES 12 VDC Direct BTU/h Shipping Discharge Input Height Width Depth Ignition Weight NT-12SE 12,000 9 3/8" 9 3/8" 21-27 3/4" Electronic 27 DO NOT use furnace cabinet area as a storage compartment. This is part 1 in a sears of videos for the operation, diagnosis and repair of an Atwood furnace. Title: SUBURBAN FURNACE SERVICE MANUAL. Item#2 Black Door Kit 31874. Item# 15 Thermostat, Black 32300. This will ensure the stove is getting propane. Possible Causes and Solutions: Thermostat Setting: Ensure the thermostat is set to heat mode and the temperature is higher than the current reading. VENTING - By definition of a forced draft combustion furnace, it must be vented to the outside atmosphere and also draw combustion air from outdoors. (5 screws). Having never delved into the deep-dark secrets contained within the shiny metal case of the device called "The Heater", recent threads here on the forum have led me to learning more about this mysterious appliance. 2. The 2004 edition of the Atwood Furnace Service Manual is a resource created to help. Apply sealant to back flange of part. Sep 1, 2022 · Yes, you will have to check the lengths of those items completely. Open as PDF. DC Furnaces are designed for negative ground 12 VDC only . 1 Clean Air Filters And Coils. #1. Item#3 Black Door Kit 30637. View and Download Suburban NT. SUBURBAN FURNACE NT-20S EXPLODED PARTS VIEW LINKS. *Not Shown* Screw Door Latch 33847. Start by doing these actions. If voltage is present, the thermostat has failed. When the relay closes, 12V power from the battery is passed to the blower motor and the fans start to run. When the exhaust vents aren’t hot, use a finger to check for soot at the exhaust ports. Heat Exchanger: A clogged heat exchanger can cause problems in the heater. May 18, 2023 · Check the thermostat to ensure that it is set to “Heat” or “Furnace. -No-< Check for 12vdc at power terminal on module board and for 12vdc to red wire Feb 8, 2022 · So, you need to check the clamping system of the exhaust. Turn off the furnace and unhook the power source to clean the burner. Do not take the gas valve apart; doing so could be potentially dangerous. Heating Furnaces. Item# 9 Valve Coil 31000 NLA. 16se. You may be able to quickly fix them, and then get back on your way. Recharge the battery and ensure that the furnace gets enough power. With the furnace running, observe the temperature readings. This troubleshooting guide is here to help you diagnose and resolve common RV furnace issues, keeping you snug and comfortable on your travels. Item# 8 Circuit Breaker 33782. Insert furnace from inside of coach, lining up hole in wall. 2ose, Nt. A soft-bristled brush or air compressor can clean the burner and its parts. Tom Fribley, Fribley Technical Services Inc. RVComfort. *Not Shown* Time Delay Relay 48000. Item# 10 Combustion Air Wheel 33128. The first (Kit #1) has the old style burner access gasket which makes kit #1 applicable to the SF-42 between serial numbers 934701426 and 094101431, the second (Kit #2) has the new style burner access gasket which is applicable Let’s continue to see how we can troubleshoot the furnace and the RV air conditioner. Another 5-10 seconds later, you should feel warm air coming from the furnace vent (s) Quick Safety Tip: Check the outside furnace vent for the free flow of exhaust gases. Atwood 8012-II. Lack of Heat Production. 1 79/80 Series Model Identification. Keep a few extra fuses on hand in case the fuse blows. The lifespan of an RV furnace can vary depending on usage, maintenance, and quality of components. 4. Remove vent extension from furnace. The final component to check is the “flame sensor”. Suburban SFV-35 Pdf User Manuals. com. If the furnace still won’t turn on, check the propane tank to ensure that there is enough propane. Item# 1 Thermostat, White. com/inspectioncourse/We share with you our RV furnace troubleshooting The document is a service manual for Suburban RV furnaces. TIPS and TECHNIQUES Tools Needed It is difficult to do much troubleshooting on a furnace without a voltmeter and the basic know-how to use it. Mar 17, 2021 · Hi, I have an older RV with a SF-25 furnace in it. - hydro flame. Pay special attention to the blower motor, burner assembly, and vents. Air Conditioner. Atwood Furnace Model AFMD35111 Exploded Parts View Links. Atwood Furnace Model 8940-III-DC Tune-Up / Repair Kit. RV furnace problems can be caused by various things, from loose screws to a dirty furnace. Service Manuals. Wasn't able to post the url but it's called /miscfiles/furnace_trouble-2. • Furnaces with 12 VDC connection are for low-voltage battery or direct current only . The built in fuel pump draws fuel from the fuel tank up to a zero pressure regulator where it stops. ? Yes? Blower is operating at call for heat. 3 Inspect And Replace Capacitors. May 25, 2017. Dec 13, 2023 · This is a parts breakdown for the Dometic&trade; (Atwood) DFMD30 heater/furnace. Jul 26, 2023 · Troubleshooting Steps: 3. pdf Author: Mark Created Date: 8/21/2016 11:18:49 AM -Yes-< Repair or replace connections or parts with higher than normal amp draw. The manual instructs technicians on properly installing, maintaining, and repairing the furnaces. A mounted thermocouple on the backside of the furnace senses when the furnace is getting too hot and automatically ATWOOD FURNACE 8531-IV EXPLODED PARTS VIEW LINKS. The presence of soot indicates incomplete combustion. To do so could cause personal injury and/or Mar 30, 2020 · Problem #3: Furnace Only Blows Cold Air. 001 air conditioner pdf manual download. Item# 8 On / Off Switch 31092 (Replaces 36121) Item# 9 Gas Valve Replacement Coil 31000 NLA. Sep 26, 2023 · Once you find the furnace fuse check to see if the fuse is open and if so simply replace it. Suburban SF-25F User's Information Manual (12 pages) Brand: Suburban | Category: Heating System | Size: 0. *Not Shown* Duct Cover. Item# 15 Thermostat, Brown 38452 NLA. of 7. View and Download Dometic 3109228. pdf. Protect building materials from degrading from flue gas exhaust. 3 Wiring Diagrams 7900-II/8000-II Series. Duo-Therm Furnace Installation-User Manual. (See Figure 1. Item #19 Limit Switch, 190°, 31091. 5 BUTTON COMFORT CONTROL CENTER SYSTEM. Put furnace in place, making sure that rear of furnace cabinet is as close to outer skin of coach as possible and still assure proper vent tube overlap. View online or download Suburban SF-25F Service Manual, User's Information Manual. This is the best I've seen on our furnaces. You should be able to hear it working. Code 32: This code indicates a problem with the furnace’s ignition system. Oct 19, 2020 · If the furnace motor doesn’t start when you turn up the thermostat, the possible problems are the fuse for the furnace, the thermostat, the module board, the small fan relay that is separate on older model furnaces, or the motor itself. Over the years of running a mobile RV repair service, having a dedicated place to access service manuals for all the different appliances and components found on RVs was something that I always had a desire to create. Return Air 3. Atwood 8500-IV Model 1522 Two Stage. Advertisement. 5. Turn off gas supply to furnace and disconnect gas line. Warning Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. User manuals, Atwood Furnace Operating guides and Service manuals. For two years from the date of purchase, Atwood will repair or making replacement necessary and cause over heating cycling. Required. 4 8500 Series. Fire or Explosion. service technicians identify Atwood product by serial number, diagnose service. 6. This is a step-by-step troubl Dec 3, 2023 · How to Troubleshoot. 001 troubleshooting manual online. If you are planning to travel when the weather’s cold, a heat source is a must. 16. 52 MB. Apr 5, 2022 · 1. TECHNICIAN TO INSTALL AN ATWOOD. ) Secure furnace to cabinet. Before operating furnace, check the location of the furnace vent to make sure it will not be blocked by the opening of any door on the trailer. Vent assembly must maintain minimum overlap of 1-1/4” on exhaust tube and 1/2” minimum on air extension tube. Also for: Af series, Afs series, Dfs series, Afm series, Dfm series, Afl series, Dfl series, 79 series, 80 series, 85 series, 89 series. The First, turn off the power to the furnace and then remove the access panel. Dec 31, 2021 · On a Suburban model, the way to do this is to remove the working parts of the furnace from its case. Aug 27, 2019 · Jul 26, 2015. INSTALLER: LEAVE THIS MANUAL WITH THE APPLIANCE. I have pulled my furnace out and checked that the igniter is working , fan is running and I checked to see if the orifice was clear, it was, I think the problem is that it's not getting propane, When I Atwood / HydroFlame Furnace Model 8940-DC-III Tune-Up Kit. Can I replace my RV furnace with a different brand or Cut a 3-1/2” diameter hole through sidewall of coach. Sometimes a good cleaning solves the problem. PLEASE NOTE: All Suburban gas appliances SUBURBAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY 676 Broadway Street Dayton, Tennessee 37321 423-775-2131 www. 3109228. • Make sure AC power is disconnected from the Furnace during installation . 3 Ac Compressor Runs But Fan Does Not. The average-sized RV furnace (yours, for example) will burn about 1/3 of a gallon of propane while running continuously for an hour. DF Series furnace pdf manual download. NY_Dutch said: One simple, but often overlooked, test is to simply unplug the ignitor board connector and plug it back in 2 or 3 times to clean the contacts. Mikey pulls out our Suburban NT-16se RV heater Jul 2, 2020 · Here is our course on inspecting new and used travel trailers: https://thesavvycampers. If you can feel the furnace fan turn on, but the air that comes out is cold there are several solutions to get the hot air of the furnace working again. Turn off power supply to furnace and disconnect wiring . Remove cover plate from furnace FIG 4-D. Remove screw on bottom flange of elec- Mine is a 35k btu furnace. DO NOT vent furnace with venting system serving another appliance. This book contains instructions covering the operation and maintenance of your furnace. ) 5. Action: Test the relay by bypassing it so the fan is running off direct power. 1 Test the Fan Limit Switch: Locate the fan limit switch and use a multi-meter to check for continuity across its terminals. More to follow. Atwood 8000-II. I came across the excellent document entitled RV Furnace Troubleshooting here on the forum authored by Gary Brinck. 4 days ago · Dave begins with the basics of RV furnace troubleshooting. If there is no voltage, there’s a short somewhere in the system. If that gets the furnace going, then remove the board and clean the contacts completely with a pencil eraser. 3 If The Issue Persists, It Might Be Best To contact A Professional Technician For Further diagnosis And Repair. If the pilot won’t light, check to be sure you have propane. 1, October 19, 2017 Heating & Cooling Guide This guide is based on the Dometic Thermostats and Air Conditioners, and Suburban Furnaces commonly found in most Heartland RVs. 1. The DFMD30 is a forced-air furnace that uses a heat exchanger to force the heater air into your living quarters, similar to a household furnace. The burner and combustion tube are made of a special high temperature stainless steel to prevent premature warping or burnout. Feb 22, 2024 · The fan turns on first. Insert furnace into cabinet opening and secure forced draft furnaces illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3. You should see the gas valve nestled between the blower wheels. 12SE user's information manual online. Download 90 Atwood Furnace PDF manuals. Ensure that the battery is fully charged and check the 12-volt fuse panel to make sure the furnace fuse isn’t blown. Nov 9, 2023 · The first place to check would be your fuel supply and make sure there is enough fuel left in the tank. I went surfing and found this: A gallon of propane has an approximate burn rate of 90,000-100,000 BTUs per hour. It shows the various wires and their corresponding connections, allowing RV owners, technicians, or DIY enthusiasts to troubleshoot and repair any electrical issues that may arise. These are just a couple of ideas. However, with proper care and regular maintenance, an RV furnace can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Item#3 Arctic White Door Kit 30539. Heating and Cooling Guide V1. Check whether the battery has enough power. It has to be at least 12V. Bring wires up to back side of thermostat base and attach while wire to terminal marked “W” and red wire to terminal marked “R” as shown in FIG. If this does kick the fan on, then find a place close to the original position that will work and replace the cover. 2 Ac Blowing Warm Air. 1. Therefore, it is imperative Atwood Mobile Products 8940 Furnace User Manual. This is in the electrical panel in your RV. If the fan limit switch fails to shut off the fan when the temperature rises to the appropriate level, the switch may be faulty and forced draft furnaces illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3. Engineered for easy maintenance and excellent air delivery, our lightweight products are compact and reliable. 70. Just a thank you from an occasional poster. View and Download Dometic DF Series service manual online. Do not restrict the flow of combustion air or the warm air circulation to the furnace. or source. Troubleshooting Furnaces, Replacing Batteries, and More R RV Technician Advisory Group Page 3 Randy Biles, Pikes Peak Traveland Inc. Fasten the bottom of the Air Box Insert and the circuit board plate to the bottom of the air box using the screw removed in step 3. Written approval by Atwood must be obtained prior to having 1 Common Problems With Dometic Rv Air Conditioner. A voltmeter may be used to do this. If the furnace still doesn’t run, try lighting a stove burner. You can use an air hose (and safety glasses) to shoot away unwanted grime and rust from the entire compartment. If it can be blocked, do not operate the furnace with the door open. The furnace furthermore the blower motor betreiben on propane or 12-volt power from their battery. It has outside access and is pretty easy to remove. 1 Identify And Address Motor Issues. Item#6 4 Inch Adapter Duct. Suburban SF-25F Pdf User Manuals. Download this manual. Jan 18, 2019 · Member. If it gets stuck, then you need to adjust it. III. This • Page 6: Furnace Extended Service Contract Atwood TERM AND PROVISIONS: Mobile Products, LLC. Follow the lighting instructions to place the furnace in operation. $74. Ellen Kietzmann, Blue Ox Gary Motley, Motley RV Repair Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Tony Yerman, RVDA Service Consultant Sept/Oct 2014 TO REMOVE FURNACE FOR SERVICE 1. Item#4 Vent Adapter Door Kit 31876. Posts. Mar 24, 2019 · Suburban Furnace SF 35 Problems. Item# 1 Blower Wheel 33126. However, you should note that this most likely means that the wiring on your device has been damaged. Routine inspections, cleaning, and timely repairs help ensure the furnace’s longevity. 50 $49. 5,766. Item# 1 Thermostat, Black. To install duct adapters for side discharge models, insert back flange over casing and insert tab into square notch, then twist adapter 180˚ FIG 4-E. Item#9 4 Inch Duct Cover Plate. DO NOT use for temporary heating of buildings or structures under construction. Atwood Furnace Model AFMD35121 Exploded Parts View Links. Secure furnace to the floor using two (2) hole provided in the furnace cabinet. Unfortunately the only solution in this case is to return to a lower altitude and look into furnace replacements that perform better at high altitudes. 1 Check Thermostat Settings. 1 Ac Is Running But Not Cooling. 3. 7. tem# 8 Intake Tube, 3 Inch. To troubleshoot this RV furnace problem, use a multimeter to check the voltage from the thermostat to the time delay switch. Multiple duct options are available. ? Yes Check for 12vdc at furnace -No-< Check on/off switch on furnace? Yes? Check fuse or circuit breaker <-No-Replace fuse/Reset breaker. We always keep a multimeter in our RV took kit. Atwood 8500 Series Original Schematics. Item# 8 On/Off Switch 31092 (Replaces P# 36121) Item# 9 Gas Valve Replacement Coil 31000 NLA. If you run the system and you get nothing, RV furnace troubleshooting experts like to hook a multimeter up to the furnace to check for proper voltage–10. Venting 2. Description. View online or download Atwood 8535 Technical Lnstallation Manual, Technical Installation Manual. They are: 1. 2 Inspect For Burner Blockages. If not, you likely will need to replace the thermostat altogether. IV Mar 11, 2022 · Incomplete Combustion. Ducting Refer to the furnace installation manual for each model requirement. Suburban SF-30 Installation Instructions Manual (9 pages) SUBURBAN GAS FURNACES. Item# 15 Thermostat, White 38453. Item# 2 Burner Assembly 32811 NLA. Water is Description. Joined. (See Installing Vent Assembly. TM. One other RV heater troubleshooting tip is: check the thermocouple. The furnace must be side ducted (NO front discharge). If it’s not working, you may not be near any repair shop to get it fixed. View online or download Suburban SFV-35 Service Manual, Service Training Manual, User's Information Manual. Stop and start furnace- use a multimeter to check the thermostat to see if it is malfunctioning or not. Item# 9 Vent Cap & Exhaust Tube Assembly. It could be caused by a dirty air filter, a blocked air intake, or a faulty blower motor. Item# 6 Duct Collar. If your RV’s furnace isn’t working properly, carefully check the exhaust vent for soot. Remove flue vent assembly outside vehicle and disconnect flexible combus- tion air hose. NT. View online or download Suburban SF-35 Service Manual, Installation Instructions Manual, User's Information Manual. Suburban SF-35 Pdf User Manuals. Do you have an RV furnace that is blowing cold air, won't ignite, won't turn on, or won't stay lit? Trust us, we've been there. You may often access the furnace from within its enclosure via a door or grill. He emphasizes that it’s important to note that the furnace on your RV works by drawing air from the inside and heating in, rather than pulling in outside air to heat. FURNACE. The wiring diagram is a visual representation of how the furnace’s electrical components are connected. When trying to use Atwood Furnace, the most common issue people have with it is that the device is not working. You can, however, troubleshoot some common RV furnace issues. With your furnace, there lives no 120-volt power. Finally, connect the cables to the new thermostat and replace the access panel. Atwood 8500-IV Model 2334 Two Stage. May 5, 2023 · You must first identify the problem’s origin. When you finish that your thermostat should light up and be squared away ready for use! Make sure once the fuse is good you set the thermostat to furnace and give it a second to kick on. RV Furnace Troubleshooting Flowchart 12v power Fuse Battery Thermostat Safety features Electrode Sail Switch High temp sensor Bad Control Board Spacing 1/8" No corrosion Gas pressure Regulator Gas valve Flame sensor Corroded burner Electrode spacing Bad Control Board Re-check Bad Control Board Battery Congrats, you are warm! I. Dometic provides a selection of furnaces to keep you warm – even if it’s well below zero outside. The great thing about the Coleman Mach is that it can operate both your furnace and air conditioner. The HURRICANE heater utilizes a low pressure fuel system. You need to check it properly. Store it somewhere easy to find to reinsert at the end of the process. Atwood 8516-I. If the fan doesn’t run on the battery power, then the fan is the problem and your relay is likely fine. Furnace Settings Dec 29, 2023 · Cleaning and maintaining the burner. Maximum heating performance in a low-profile design. Therefore, it is imperative Atwood 7920-II. pdf P a g e | 4 Version: 1. The furnace was working fine, but making a lot of noise/whining when running. Also for: Nt. This is why you should begin by ensuring that all of these are firmly connected. The other parts may need replacing depending on what is wrong. Yet, at only 7 1/2 inches high, they can be easily installed in areas that might otherwise be left unused. Check Wiring. Kit Electrode Options: Tune-Up Kit / Burner Assembly Option: Tune-Up Kit / Ignition Board Options: Tune-Up Kit / Blower Motor Kit Options: QTY. Item# 8 Intake Tube, 7-1/2 Inch. Drill two holes with 1/16” bit, 1/4” deep. In a typical Suburban RV furnace wiring diagram, you will 3. DO NOT vent furnace to an outside enclosed porch area. Use a multimeter set to ohms to run this test. Suburban SF42 Technical Documentation: Suburban Furnace Model SF-42 Tune-Up Kit comes in two variations. I hope this resource makes your RV repairs easier, as it has mine, be careful and follow proper safety practices when attempting to Mark wall with a pencil at mounting holes as shown in FIG. 2 85 Series Model Identification. . Code 31: This code indicates a problem with the air flow. Secure furnace to floor with one screw FIG 4-J. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the wires from the old thermostat. 5 volts is ideal. 2 No Heat Production. 12SE furnace pdf manual download. Thermostats The living room thermostat is the primary control for either your living area air conditioner (or heat ADDITIONAL ATWOOD FURNACE 8535-III AVAILABLE PARTS LINKS. Dec 20, 2019 · Furnace Troubleshooting. We have 5 Suburban SF-42 manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Installation Instructions Manual, User's Information Manual Suburban SF-42 Service Manual (40 pages) RV FURNACES 1 Common Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Issues. Check the respective fuse. Item#2 Arctic White Door Kit 31863. RV FURNACE TROUBLESHOOTING A delay of about 10-20 seconds is typical. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the proper fuse. If there is no power or fuse issue, then most probably, the motor is defective. Item#8 Bottom Plate Adapter Assembly Kit 30261. View online or download Suburban SF-30 Service Manual, Installation Instructions Manual, User's Information Manual. It could be caused by a dirty or faulty electrode, a weak spark, or a problem with the gas valve. t Browse through our online database of information and resources listed below or contact the Suburban Customer Service Team at (423) 775-2131 for help with your Suburban climate control appliance (furnace or wall heater units), water heater, cooktop, range, griddle, slide-out kitchen, or microwave oven. A RV furnace is your lifeline to comfort in the dead of winter. Nov 2, 2018 · A link to the solution is here: https://youtu. Suburban's SF-Q Series furnaces provide maximum heating performance in a ducted unit, with capacities from 20,000 to 40,000 BTU/h. It provides specifications, installation instructions, troubleshooting guides, and maintenance information for various furnace models including DD, NT, P, SF, SH, and SHD. Verify the Power. ”. Some problems that you could identify are having a lack of airflow to the furnace or, again, a bad propane tank valve. Key steps outlined include selecting an appropriate furnace RV Furnaces. 12-20-2019, 08:30 AM. Jan 10, 2023 · Step 1 – Pull the fuse to your furnace. Fasten loosely to wall using two mounting screws. USER’S INFORMATION MANUAL 17 64 17 64. 5 Electronic Ignition Models. Mission Statement: Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts. troubleshoot your RV furnace when it’s not working properly. Remove the furnace cover to reach the burner. Feb 18, 2023 · As a side notation, the thermostat for your furnace operates slightly differs than the air detergent controls. Brand: Suburban | Category: Furnace | Size: 0. After the third time, it will enter lockdown mode. Atwood 8516-II. Item #20 Sail Switch 31094. Install vent Suburban SFV-35 User's Information Manual (12 pages) Brand: Suburban | Category: Heating System | Size: 0. If it doesn’t get that message it will go into re-ignite mode. Soot build-up is a sign of incomplete combustion. Suburban SF-30 Pdf User Manuals. Although, most thermostats can do this. I hope this resource makes your RV repairs easier, as it has mine, but please be careful and follow proper Mar 26, 2018 · Get a detailed overview of how a typical RV furnace works and how to troubleshoot and fix your own RV heater. CONSUMER: RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Remove the furnace cover to access the interior. To do so could cause personal Jan 31, 2021 · Circled is the relay on a circuit board. 8. Item#5 2 Inch Adapter Duct. To begin with, confirm that your Suburban RV heater is truly getting power from your power source. Your fuses should be labeled from the factory, and one should be marked for the furnace. Remove front panel. I found the video below very informative. Using a soft brush or compressed air, carefully remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the components and surfaces inside the furnace. Suburban SF-35 Installation Instructions Manual (9 pages) SUBURBAN GAS FURNACES. ATWOOD FURNACE 8535-IV EXPLODED PARTS VIEW LINKS. Item#7 Adapter Plate Side Discharge Kit 30205. Item# 8 Intake Tube, 5 Inch. So I pulled it out to see if I could lube up any moving parts and to make sure nothing was rubbing. Atwood 8535 Pdf User Manuals. 3 Strange Noises. Some RV furnaces have trouble running at high altitude. When I put the furnace back in place, it will now not turn on. The key to a better heating system is finding the source of Over the years of running a mobile RV repair service, having a dedicated to access service manuals for all the different appliances and components found on RVs was something that I always had a desire to create. It can tell your AC unit to turn on the compressor, powered by a relay that gives 120V power. The control board only allows roughly 7 seconds for the sensor to report a flame is present. Fasten the Air Box Insert to the top of the air box using a 1/4˝ long #6 sheet metal screw. THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL IS FOR USE BY AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE. 2 Troubleshooting Steps. Repair parts:Controle Board: https://amzn. be/QaRvMsx_e8YThis is a long standing problem Atwood has known about for years but it still persist. This is a probe that generates an electrical current when exposed to an open flame. System Checks. The breakdown includes the blower wheel, sail switch, control board, circuit breaker, gas valve, electrode, burner head, motor, combustion wheel and limit switch. replace any part defective in material or workmanship. Turn off the furnace and disconnect the power supply. Do NOT attempt to alter the Furnace for a positive ground system or connect the Furnace directly to 120 or 240 VAC . Check for damage and replace worn components quickly. Fan Speed Controller: The fan speed controller can be found at the top of the furnace. Atwood 8500-IV. If your fan operates with direct power then the fan is good and it is likely the relay. ) 6. Within 5-10 seconds, you should hear the click of the igniter followed by the sound of the burner being lit. I Oct 29, 2022 · If the furnace runs, but you aren’t getting any heat, check to see if the propane is turned on. II. 2 Check And Remove Any Debris. You can also examine the wiring to the fan itself for shorts or fraying. Jun 25, 2010 · Wait for at least 30 seconds in each position and listen for the fan to start. Item# 14 Slide Plate 37411. 34 MB. Item#1 15 Amp Circuit Breaker. 4 Check For Proper Airflow. et ue rs lh hn lt qr ei dh ho