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Summoners war fuco necro runes. Runar Hell, he is very useful in Stockades likes Giant B10 and Nekropoleis B10 where he works as a multihitter but also one nukable m Here is a list of all the available monsters in Summoners War. Gain a ton of extra runes, mana, mystical scrolls, and crystals every month by having 100% success rate speed teams. Depending on the speed subs, I plan to rune him 2x rev/guard spd/hp, 2x def. Sep 2, 2015 · Rune Recommendations Looks like Revenge and Violent are the best for this map. •His crit rate buff and speed buff helps to improve your runs by reducing your rune requirements. Each attack has a 25% chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn. Strengths: •Suiki in Summoners War is a great sustaining damage dealing monster since he has built in vampire runes on all skills. We will be adding more as new monsters are released. Weakness: •Yen needs really good runes for her to be effective. Weakness: •He is stat heavy and require good runes to shine. The numbers were too similar with 1 set, this way I could be sure. (Worth at least $59. •She doesn't need speed so she's pretty easy to rune. Hwa - blade/nem/rev (spd/cd/atk) Lisa - vio/energy (spd/atk/res) Colleen - triple rev (spd/hp/acc) Liu Mei - vamp/rev (spd/cd/atk) This isn't the highest-damage team out there. Multiplier: 1. Driller can stay in that spot. Hey Summoners War Community. •His 3rd skill gives 3 turn immunity. As for runes DEF/CD/DEF or DEF/DEF/DEF just be wary that your Shihwa and Fuco need enough damage to steal him back since he'll likely have the highest damage output. Build. It seems to have a fairly high rune requirement. In short, runes are power up items that will make your unit stronger. Instantly recovers a turn when used. Weakness: •He is really stat heavy and needs good runes to shine. 9Lanett. Go to the "Rune" Tab by selecting it from the three options on the very left of the "sell option" menu. This means you don't have to put top-quality runes on Sabrina at all, and she will still outperform Fuco. ADMIN MOD. Weakness: •He is extremely difficult to rune as he needs a LOT of stats, but once you can get them he is a menace. •Her 3rd skill gives a big shield around you allies based on her HP. Select: Normal, Magic, Rare, Hero. Show Skill Ups. •She has a huge HP leader skill for Guild Wars. Under Rune Grade, click "6★". •The only way to counter her is to outspeed the other team or cut in when they attack to avoid being nuked. Up to a maximum of six runes may be equipped to a monster, although they must be bound to a monster in order to take effect, and cannot be removed unless See all the details of the skills, best runes, stats, and places to use Hwahee (The Fire Sky Dancer) in Summoners War! Starter Employees (3 mins+) When you should build this employees and breaks into NB10: After you have cultured good violent, revenge, and shield exorcism from DB10 and receive some grinds and enchants for who course von R5. Summons the souls of the dead to attack the enemy 2 - 3 times. Generic turn order is: Bella > Multi-hitter > Multi-hitter > DPS > Slow debuff. TRACTOR SKILLS. Runes are special attachment stones which provide bonuses to the stats of Monsters. Energy Bolt: Attacks the enemy to decrease the Attack Bar by 30% with a 50% chance. Absorbs Attack Bar by 15% each when the enemy has no beneficial effects. •Her 2nd skill grants oblivion and absorbs ATK bar. When you equip a certain set of runes, you will Oct 5, 2020 · Note: To lower rune requirement, put Astar on Vampire. Listed builds are provided for convenience only. First skill attack 3 times (2-3), have slow effect, no need skill up. Legend Runes always keep with innate (prefix) sub stat. A few months ago I made a post about determination rune crafting for hopping into tricaru as the first DB12 team for beginners. •He auto revives and can boost up his own stats. The 63% atk buff stays in the "ally buffs" list after fodder monster death, AND her actual dmg Turn order is something like, Adrian, Bella, Colleen, Hwa, Fuco. With his shield, he can what container most of water bosses open in summoners war. Click "Sell Selected" at the bottom right corner of the repeat battle menu. Strengths: •The Wind Gargoyle, Malite is a great tank monster for PvP as he can absorb a lot of damage for your team. •Velajuel in Summoners War is a great support or damage dealer in PvP. Sabrina will also be focusing damage on the waves - particularly the miniboss, which is beneficial since Fuco likely doesn't have the damage to "one shot" the waves, so his S2 is largely useless in the waves anyway. •His 2nd skill offers alot of userful debuffs. Runes are powerful items that can be equipped on Rift Raid 8 / 10. My planned team for R5: F: Dias - ? - ? B: Lisa - Seara/Hwa - Colleen My choice of monsters to run R5, including those I have yet to rune, are Lisa, Dias, Hwa, Seara, Colleen, Raviti, Fuco (necro build). Defeating the Lich King will often award players with a random Rune. Unleashed Fury: Gains increased Attack Power and Immunity against harmful effects for 3 turns. Cause it needs high runes requirement. If you just want to see the tricaru, just skip to Part 5 - how to rune and spd tune your unit ideally. •Twins work great because they attack together doing double damage while providing additional perks. 6Variants. •His 1st skill is strip which is great for DB12. 25* {ATK} x4. •She is an excellent stall monster for Arena Defense. 2 Damage +10%. •He is a very strong Faimon Hell farmer. Flame Shot: Attacks with a magic card and weakens the enemy's Attack Power and Defense for 2 turns with an 80% chance. Fuco (Wind Lich) is a very versatile speed based attacker because auto shield passive skill in Summoners War. •His 3rd skill freezes, attack speed slow, and reduce attack bar by 100%! •He increases his own attack speed if he crits on skill 2. Brutal Fists: Attacks the enemy 3 times and leaves a Branding effect with a 15% chance each. Team works. . •Yen in Summoners War is a great ultility kit damage dealer. Strengths: •The Fire Boomerang Warrior, Maruna is great for NB12 for multi hits with other twins. Having Hwa lead along with Adrian, means you barely have to rune for crit rate at all. •She has a good leader skill which is useful throughout the game. I talk about all 5 liches, but primarily focus on the water, wind, and dark liches. Strengths: •Adrian in Summoners War is a good beginner monster for NB12 due to his multi hits and HP disturb recovery. CLARA SKILLS. •His 1st skill boost his own DEF and can stun. He canned be used as a farmer also in Alden because of his shield. •His 1st skill brands which is useful against bosses. The possible types of runes are listed below. Multiplier - 420% of the ATK stat before reduction. •He is great on despair to add to his passive skills. •She puts up a shield while also healing and granting immunity for 2 turns. •Maruna has 2 AOE stuns and a defense break which is awesome for Fire Rift Beast and Toa! . Summoners War is a game where the player can setup his Fuco (Wind Lich) is a quite multipurpose speed base attacker includes auto shield passive skill in Summoners War. During the last month, i answered a lot of questions about first NB10 team in the Daily Advice Thread. However, this is the case with any monster. 0 coins. Fuco (Wind Lich) is a very multi-purpose speed based attacker with auto shield passive skill in Summoners War. And you wouldn't use your hard-earned grindstone/gems on shit runes. Strengths: •The Fire Yennefer is a debuffing machine in Summoners War! •Her first skill silences. Labyrinth (7/10): He is good in a few of the Labyrinth stages. instagram. Strengths: •Colleen in Summoners War is one of the most useful monsters in the game. •Kaki in Summoners War is one of the few monsters that uses an ATK% slot 4. Hammer Punch: Attacks the enemy 2 times and deals damage proportionate to your Defense. In this video, I'll show you how to build Astar runes and stats for NB12 necro boss team with Lushen and Icaru or Tricaru. •His multipliers for damage output based on DEF is really good. Energy Bolt: Attacks the enemy and increases your Attack Power for 1 turn. •She has two passives. Thank in advance for any help. •She is useful in ToA as a healer and attack buffer while also having two debuffs. Each attack has a 40% chance to decrease the enemy's Attack Speed for 2 turns. Quick overview: Vampire/Endure, SPD/DEF/DEF SPD, Resist (98%), ATK, and DEF subs SPD totem lvl 7, DEF totem lvl 4, CRITD totem lvl 9 Strengths: •The Water Demon, Belial has a unique ability that allows him to revive after 12 turns, making it more difficult for your opponents to calculate. I tested this by equipping 9 sets of fight runes (63% team atk% buff) on fodder and then taking the fodder+ Nicki into toa. •Her 3rd skill gives you 4 chances to block beneficial effects. I am going to provide a complete guide for any players (Especially new players) to enter RAKAN SKILLS. com/obaboswe/https://www. •He can sustain himself on vampire runes. Strengths: •Kacey in Summoners War is a beast in Rift to get SSS scores! •Her 3rd skill scales on the number of times you hit the same target which stacks 4x and blocks beneficial effects. The more HP the targeted enemy has, the larger the damage becomes. The target under the Silence Effect won't be able to use skills with cooldown time excluding the passive skills. 8Sera. SW fans are encouraged to add and explore our list of user gererated character build to share or enhance their strategy. Weakness: •Kacey doesn't have a lot of uses outside of Rift. Weakness: •Immunity monsters like Fran, Chloe, or Lulu will prevent her from sleeping your allies. •Putting her on Despair would give you another potential debuff she can put on the enemies but ultimately you want her on Violent. In addition, you attack the enemy one more time if your Attack Power is higher than the enemy target. Multiplier - 600% the ATK stat before reduction. For NB10, Fuco can/should be runed fairly slow, cap is IIRC 130 there so you don't need much. Discuss the game with fellow summoners around the globe! MembersOnline. •Her 3rd skill strips and spreads harmful effects to the enemies. As for twins, they're on the free Fatal/Blade sets you get from Summoners Way and the New player event as well as some 5* runes from giants. •His 2nd skill is AoE and gives him Endure if an enemy dies. NOT LEGEND. Multiplier - 1. •His speed scaling makes it easier to deal good damage as well as being fast. This is a requirement for any good Necro team, multy hit and slow (like Windy, Sera) Second Skill : multy hit + defbreak, Defbreak is also very important in Necro, u need to Yes, if fuco gets stolen and violent procs 100 times, he will mess up your run. USHA SKILLS. •Her 2nd skill is multi hit, absorbs ATK bar, and applies dots. Runes are found in special sets of either two or four, with the completion of a set giving a special bonus, in addition to the individual bonuses of runes. Stormfist: Attacks the enemy 3 times and increases your Attack Bar by 15% each if the attack lands as a Anybody use Fuco for Necro team? What is a good rune build? Thanks! Advertisement Coins. Strengths: •The Fire Chakram Dancer, Shaina is a powerful monster for speed teams in DB12 and NB12. Strengths: •The Wind Nine-Tailed Fox, Arang is an amazingly useful monster throughout the whole game from early to endgame. Unless you build your eshir straight for necro with less than 30k hp. With speed nullified, revenge(+15% counter attack) rune set allows you to counter during a boss attack, therefore reducing the shield count by 1. DON'T PANIC! Managing your runes might look insanely complicated, but it is said that despite its many glaring (and occasionally fatal) inaccuracies, the Hitchhiker's Guide to Summoners War: Rune Quality Edition itself has outsold the Encyclopedia Summoners War because it is slightly cheaper, and because it has the words 'DON'T PANIC' in large, friendly letters as the headline. •His passive gives him built in Vio runes! Weakness: •His 1st skill only has 50% Acc making them not very reliable. Strengths: •Louise in Summoners War is an amazing support monster that offers a good utility kit. Having vampire on fuco is a terrible idea for nb10. r5 is for when I have some amount of good runes that I need to grind to push my set further. Siege Battle 6 / 10. I don’t farm necro unless I try to build faster team for other dungeons. If it is Flat Rune, roll it always on power up + 9 if it has speed sub stat (except rune number 2). •His 2nd skill is AoE which is great on Despair runes. SB10 (10/10): Her passive increases the damage enemies take making for much faster runs in Spiritual Realm. 18* {MAX HP} Blade Crush: Attacks all enemies 3 times, each attack having a 30% chance to remove one beneficial effect. Jul 19, 2019 · Sur Summoners War, une fois vos teams rodées pour le Géant et le Dragon, les deux étapes à suivre sont le raid et le Nécropolis. Fuco got an awesome set of skills. Use this format: [Monster who goes first] [Runesets] [2/4/6 slot runes] [Monster who goes 2nd] [Runesets] [2/4/6 slot runes] [Monster who goes Rift of Worlds (10/10): Raoq is a good beginner damage dealer in R5 due to his DEF break and 3 monster team up to help reduce cooldowns. Weakness: •Immunity monsters are the bane of her existence. twitch. The damage increases as the enemy's HP status decreases. NB10 is also pretty hard up build a speed or reliable staff for like by going into R5 first you could build ampere much view efficient NB10 starter team. •His 1st skill decreases ATK bar. •She also has defense break and speed slow making her a good set up monster for your other damage dealers. He can solo Miles. STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES. One reduces damage from water and the other increases ATK bar. •She is very versatile and can be used in many parts of the game from early to end. •He has a huge hp leader skill. Violent strongly preferred, but Swift/Rage/Fatal can work OK too. •His 2nd skill AoE provokes, reduces incoming damage, and immunes him to inability effects. Feb 27, 2015 · Summoners War : Sky Arena : Gigante B10 no AUTO com o Fantastic FUCO !Desde o começo do jogo, o FUCO ( Lich de Vento ) sempre foi um dos meus monstros favor Posted by u/SpeedyKB - No votes and 5 comments •Helena in Summoners War is great Fire tank against Water types. 98 in paid packs to most players) Never Feel Stuck Again. Strengths: •The Wind Hacker, 570RM is an anti nuker in Summoners War! •His passive makes him hard to nuke down as he'll survive and reflect all the damage back. Strengths: •Rica in Summoners War is an amazing monster with lots of Crowd Control (CC) and the queen of DoTs. There are currently 6 slots available in the game. •She'll hold her own as a beginner PvP monster. •She is great for holding down the enemy as you nuke them one by one. Suggested Runes. 4Strengths. With his shield, he can actually tank most of water bosses available in summoners war. Subset can be Blade for crit if needed, or Revenge is really good if you happen to have good Revenge runes. •His passive makes him a beast in NAH and NB10. Mar 16, 2022 · See all the details of the skills, best runes, stats, furthermore places to exercise Hwahee (The Lighting Sky Dancer) in Summoners War! If you are a free-to-play players or includes spend $30-$100 a month on in-game package then him should be emphasis on building a band with the highest success rate possible to maximize on the amount von runes Necro runes are mostly useful in Arena /GW and Raid. Each attack possess an 40% chance to decrease the enemy's Attack Speed for 2 turns. I'll be posting more videos soon s NB10 (7/10): She is least effective here but can still work depending on your rune quality in Necropolis. ROBO-G92 SKILLS. Learn new, effective and winning build from the best players. •She's good as a shield breaker against the bosses in NB10. Runar Hell, he the ultra useful in Dungeons like Giant B10 and Necropolises B10 where boy works because a multihitter but also a nukable m Fuco got with wow set of special. 8. Necro B10 Beginner Team - Everything you need to know about NB10. Hello, it’s me again. •Every time she transforms it resets her potential Violent procs. Skill 2: Deadly Touch [275% x (3-4)]: Randomly attacks the enemies several times and weakens the enemy’s •The Water Indra, Parjanya is a great all around monster in Summoners War! •His 1st skill pushes back attack bar. Le raid vous permet d'améliorer vos runes, alors que Strengths: •The Wind Kung Fu Girl, Ling Ling is a beneficial blocking machine! •Her 2nd skill gives you 2 chances to block beneficial effects. VARUNA SKILLS. papagelos. Once that's on, there's literally nothing to worry about. I also have a max-skilled Lisa with 200 spd and 70 res. •The Light Griffon, Shamann is a great an insane Boss Killer in Summoners War! •Since his second skill is scaled off enemy's max HP. •He is easy to rune and easily skilled up at Tamor (drops Wind Griffon). I just finished the 3x Icaru and I wanted to see more use of them than just DB12. God's Weapon: Attacks all enemies 2 to 4 times and inflicts Continuous Damage for 2 turns with a 50% chance each. Guess i might just rune him violent/revenge when i get the runes and have him for necro, and just keep him in his current state to farm aiden. ROBO-F29 SKILLS. Double Shot: Attacks by throwing 2 cards, each having a 50% chance to remove a beneficial effect. 5Weaknesses. Then keep it on its designated target runes. Slow is key as everyone mentioned. •Her first skill stuns and decreases ATK bar. Raid is for the very endgame players. Atk/CD/atk with some speed subs. •His passive gives you additional damage. •. [NECRO B10] Post Your Teams [NECRO B10] To help people build their teams, post your working team here. •Vereesa in Summoners War is a very versatile monster that can be used in a number of places. •His 1st skill DEF breaks which sets up your other monsters to deal better damage. Boss fight starts at 4:32 and stats/runes are at 9:25. To effectively use Fuco for landwirtschaftlicher Alden, he need have Violent/Focus runes the HP % go slot 2, ATK % on lock 4, and ATK% in slot 6. Soul Summoning. •She has an AoE DEF break and ATK bar Strip which is great for cleave team setup. This opens the "sell option". What is key is my Su is very slow so she hits after the shield is broken first round. PERNA SKILLS. Multiplier - 180% of the DEF stat before reduction for 2-3 hits. Multiplier - 380% the ATK stat before reduction. The recorded run took a little over 9 minutes. •Her 3rd skill has a huge multiplier and deals massive damage to enemies with multiple debuffs, which makes her perfect for pretty much any non -fire boss in SW. •His passive gives your team additional protection while also buffing your own damage. (Reusable in 3 turns). 2. I think my Fuco is on about 28% CR and 167% CD. The goal of this guide is to get your NB10 team to a 100% success evaluate, ~50 second average runtime as efficiently as possible consequently they pot really maximize on your rune farming and progress to Summoners War account more fast as possible. Weakness: •Vereesa needs good runes to shine as she is stat heavy. Summoners War Rune Builder is a build guide tool and community for Summoners War, an online turn based game. Their stats are pretty bad but they both have around +1700 atk (with artifacts), 70% cr, and 160ish crit damage. •Her 2nd and 3rd skill are AoE with stun, decrease speed, and DoTs. Lv. With decent 5 star runes fuco can farm aiden hell without vampire, so there really is no need to run vampire on him. Dimensional Hole (8/10): He is useful in the element restriction stage and 4 star restriction stage. (Reusable in 4 turns). •She has 2 ATK bar strip. Leader Skill: Increases the Attack Power of ally monsters in the Arena by 33%. Use your own judgement. •He has a great leader skill for damage output. 3 Harmful Effect Rate +10%. •Her 2nd skill can ignore Defense. After buff, he seem one of the best Monter for auto Necro (even unskill). It's a bad idea overall. Valheim Genshin Nov 28, 2016 · Stages 8 - 10. •His 2nd skill is a good team buff. I know there are a lot of guides but i decided to do a quick video with most important facts, my recommended beginner team, rune showcase and some Notice: Generic builds may be added from this pre-approved list, with possible minor changes to suit the monster. 3rd skill with multiple hit (4-6) 3-5 turn cool down when maxed Kung Fu Girl (4x) 4cd Sia, Light Harpu – (6x) 4cd Julie, Water Pierret – (6x) 4cd Shihwa, Fire Nine-tailed Fox – (5x) 3cd Mar 16, 2022 · within which Master Guide, I will be breaking down method to create the bests necropsil, Basement 10 (NB10) starter team and travel teams. These monste •Taor in Summoners War is a strong water damage dealer with good CC. •His 2nd skill heals, AoE provokes, and reduces ATK speed. •She can grant soul protection to any unit or revive for 1 turn. Weakness: •Oblivion removes his ability to strip. Weakness: •Shamann is strictly PvE and not useful in PvP. If it hits 20 + speed (after + 9 or + 12), keep it. She is very stat heavy. 8* {ATK} x3. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. childish! uses rigel in his necro, its a super unique comp with chilling lushen, raoq and colleen. At this Master Guide, I will be breaking down how to construction the best Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10) starter team and speed teams. Weakness: •Adrian has overall poor base stats. Strengths: •The Water Epikion Priest, Rina is an amazing tank monster and super annoying to deal with when built right. 3General usage. Multiplier: {ATK} + 0. This is a good starting team for those who are making the transition to Necropolis after having farmed Dragon's Lair considerably. Runar Hell, he is very useful in Cells liked Giant B10 and Necropolis B10 where he works as a multihitter aber see a nukable m •The Fire Hacker, 7R1X is a crazy debuffer and stripper in Summoners War! •His passive gives every attack an opportunity to strip buffs and deals additional damage. Though it's not anywhere close to 100%, I have successfully beat Giants B10 with a single Fuco. The atk buff from "fight" runes DOES persist through death. The goal of this guide shall to get owner NB10 group to a 100% success rate, ~50 second average runtime such efficiently as potential so you can really maximize on your rune farming and make your Summoners War account as fast as workable. •Shaina gives any boomerang attacking with her an additional 25% Accuracy. He can solo Mt. •His 2nd skill is AoE and recovers his health. Strengths: •Shizuka in Summoners War is a unique monster that can apply all debuffs from the battle to your opponents. I only switch to Dragons once I feel like my vio rune is running out. •She is tanky with high HP and DEF. For me default dungeons to farm is Giants. •His passive gives you additional damage based on DEF which will pairs perfectly with Megan. To effectively use Fuco for farming Alden, he must have Violent/Focus runes with HP % on slot 2, ATK % on slot 4, and ATK Welcome to the beginner’s rune guide for Summoners War: Sky Arena! We will be briefing you a detailed tutorial for runes! For rune recommendations for monsters, click here. Flame Nova: Explodes compressed energy of fire to inflict damage to an enemy and removes 1 beneficial effect. Enter repeat battle. Keep it doing like that on each rune. 9* {ATK} x2. That's why you want her on Violent Runes. Having Hwa and Fuco go last means you can easily get your slow debuff going. Replacing hwa for shiwa also works but the average run time is about 30seconds more. Strengths: •The Dark Jack-o'-Lantern, Dusky is a good damage dealer who also is a support monster. Summoners War - Is Colleen's charge enthusiast always making Apr 19, 2024 · This comprehensive guide provides all the essential information about runes in the game. tv/obaboTHE ULTIMATE FUCO BUILD! (Summoners War)00:00 : Intro00:02 : First game03:42 : •Sonnet in Summoners War is sleep machine with all 3 skill as sleep! •Two of her skills are AoE sleep. NAH (7/10): She is least effective here but can still work depending on your rune quality in Necro Abyss. •He isn't really useful anywhere outside of NB12. Mar 16, 2022 · NB10 should be your seventh goal because it plunges a few really good rune sets for PvP content like Bequeath runes and Your runes. I have tried fuco in many teams and my fastest/most succesful is Shiwa, fuco, bella/galleon, colleen, adrian. Summons the souls of the dead in attack one enemy 2 - 3 times. The guide also offers tips on efficient rune farming techniques to obtain high-quality runes. Let check his skills. If Fuco get taken, he might attack lushen instead of Rigel if Lushen has def break while Rigel doesnt. Jul 4, 2017 · In this video I discuss which lich is the best in necro b10. It covers the types of runes, their acquisition methods, and the recommended rune sets for different monsters. Violent gives extra turns, so it always helps. Arcane Blast: Attacks the enemy with a mysterious energy and stuns them for 1 turn with an 18% chance. Magic Surge: Attacks the target that isn't granted with any beneficial effects with 3 magic bullets and Silences the target for 2 turns with a 75% chance each. Pair her with Chasun, and it's a real nightmare. •He gets 100% Attack bar refill after reviving. Necropolis is one of the dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon, and the home of the Ancient Lich Kings. Trample: Pins down the enemy and inflicts Continuous Damage for 1 turn. •He can partially ignore defense. Also this is my Swarmfarm , i'd appreciate if you could tell me who'd you suggest as a longer term farmer considering my Fuco farms at 3 mins per run right now. But still you can get up to c1 and c2 easily without nemisis /will. But Liu Mei definitely contributes a ton in terms of dealing quality damage, while at the same time, reducing damage done to the team by constantly decreasing boss's atk STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES. Dec 3, 2023 · Follow my stuff!https://www. He can be used as a farmer also in Alden because of his shield. This team utilizes monsters which should be obtainable for most players in the game, using mid to high end runes farmed from Dragon's Lair . •Her 1st skill sleeps and has built in violent runes. Strengths: •Fuuki in Summoners War is a great counter to monsters that counter when Crit like Miho, Ragdoll, Artamiel, etc. Here are the main reasons our members highly recommend the Rune Farming Guide: Get Ahead Without Buying Packs. To add your own unique rune builds, see this page. This is what I came u 2. I run with Shihwa (L), Hwa, Su, Hwahee, and Bella. •Her 2nd skill is AoE and decrease ATK SPD and DEF. And on his AOE he has higher chance to glance on Fuco/Lushen so they wont die either. •Pave is a great utility DPS unit in Summoners War. If the target is not suffering any harmful effects, 1 additional attack is added. •Her 1st skill is speed scaling and reduces enemy's speed. Skill 1: Soul Summoning [145% x (2-3)]: Attacks an enemy with the soul of the dead and decreases the target’s Attack Speed for 2 turns with a 75% chance. •His 2nd skill can be negated if he takes too much damage. And also fuco is harder to kill compare to rigel (ur lushen has 97%cr chance on rigel vs 82% on fuco and fuco can easily kill rigel, not the other way around). Slow is key and the earlier you can land a slow the easier it is. an zh ih fv ra dl mw ly ys ef